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Save your time from formatting your thesis. Let the system do it for you.

In this time of technology, formatting Word files or coding in LaTeX is illogical and time consuming. Thesis Manager solves this problem.

Concentrate on your research work only. Collect the data and discuss. Enter the main text in the Thesis Manager, upload your tables and figures, cite other studies using the internal search engine and that's it. A single click is enough to have a nicely formattted PDF copy of your thesis, ready to share with your supervisor, jury members or your institution. Thesis Manager:

  • Save your time and energy from extra formatting.
  • Deals your figures, tables and references in an automated way.
  • Share your thesis with supervisor, institution or jury members on the fly.
  • Get nicely formatted PDF of your thesis by a single click.
  • If your university as a unique format, we include that style within one week.
  • Simply, its NextGen Thesis Manager.

How To Use

It is very easy to use Thesis Manager. Follow below steps to create your first thesis. Click respective step for details.

Login / Register

Login or get registered. The sistem will leads you to the writer panel. Create new thesis and start writing.

Enter Thesis Info

In thesis, enter the thesis, student, supervisor, jury, university, title, abstract and other information.

Create Chapters

Add as much chapters (introduction, literature survey, experimental etc) in the thesis as desired. Add text and save.

Chapter Data

Inside each chapter, upload figures and tables, add references from internal search engine and cite by drag and drop.

Chapter Headings

Make headings in the text (Heading 1, Heading 2 etc.). They will be added in the Table of Contents automatically.

Share Thesis

Share the created thesis with your supervisor, jury, university, library or registered stationary by one click.

Why Thesis Manager?

There are lots of reasons why to choose Thesis Manager. Simply, it has no opponent!

Thesis Manager has many superiorities over other applications that are used for writing thesis.

No Manual Formatting

You do not have to waste your precious time on formatting when you are writing thesis using Word Processors

No Coding

Like LaTeX, you do not have to code your thesis. Enter plain text, upload figures and tables and Drag & Drop where desired.

Table of Contents

You do not have to create Table of Content. Thesis Manager automatically create it from your headings. Figures and Tables are also numbered automatically and listed in List of Figures and Tables.

Automated References

You will not need any reference manager software. Get references from the internal search engine that is indexing more than 26,800 journals.






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Easily Share Your Thesis

With Thesis Manager, it's now very easy to share your Thesis/Dissertation with your supervisor or juri members.

After your supervisor approved, your Thesis will be sent to the university authorities with a single click.

If desired, they Thesis can be shared with the registered printing services where they will make your Thesis ready before your reach there.

Access from Anywhere

Your Thesis stays in the clouds and is accessable to whom ever you want and give permission.

Login from your phone and check the status of your thesis; if your supervisor or the juri member has performed the checking.

Share Thesis with various online libraries. This way you can get more audience and thus citations.

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